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In the Paving and Landscaping industry clients are apprehensive, we get this! We are Edinburgh’s most trusted and most popular driveway & Landscaping company for a reason, the reason is we do things properly, we dont cut corners, unfortunately for some clients the proper care isn’t taken when choosing the correct contractor, because the driveway 6 doors down looks great when its first installed doesn’t mean a thing! its 6 years down the line clients need to be examining the work, our oldest (monoblock) driveway on Walker Drive in South Queensferry was done early 1980 (Peter’s first job with the company) and still stands strong even today. it is imperative you choose the right contractor for this work (doesn’t have to be us) as its a very important decision, whether or not you think you will be in this home in 5-10 or 15 years is irrelevant, you will come to sell at some point and any perspective buyer needs to pull up outside your home and see the quality of a driveway that is NOT going to need done in a year or two, a driveway without weeds, a driveway that isn’t sinking, a driveway that is going to last the test of time and still looks great, this is what we call “Kerb Appeal”

We take absolutely no pleasure in the horror stories we see and hear everyday of driveways sinking in and around Edinburgh, we are currently fitting in Corstorphine and the lady hired a GARDENER to fit her very very expensive Indian Sandstone! we are doing the driveway and after that fixing the paving, we done an almost identical paving job in West Lothian at a cost of around £3,000!!. this of course is on top of what she had already paid. please be wary folk! check these companies out on companies house! are they even a registered company? are they insured?

We also don’t get involved in praising or decrying our competitors, it’s astonishing the calls we receive asking if this or that company is trustworthy! of course we can’t and won’t comment on any of our competitors workmanship, do so so would be foolish and unprofessional.



p.s…The picture above is a marketing picture from Tobermore (full permission is granted to use this) and not a driveway done by ourselves, we just like the picture 😉

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