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Power Washing Your Driveway

Power Washing your Driveway

Clients often ask what is the best maintenance option for a driveway or if there is any maintenance involved at all and should I power wash my driveway, with almost every Driveway or Landscaping job there is an element of maintenance required throughout the year, you may get weeds or moss on yo

ur driveway, here are a few ways to stop these and also a few ways to get rid of these.

  1. After cutting the grass its important to sweep the grass cuttings that may have landed on your paving off the driveway/patio.
  2. every few months its advisable to give your patio a good brush.
  3. Every 12-18 months its good to power wash your Driveway or Patio, don’t be afraid if the jointing sand comes out, simply wait until area is bone dry and apply approx half a bag of jointing sand (Dry kiln Sand) to the area and simply brush it in.
  4. Should you require other types of power cleaning such as decking or fencing please visit one of our trusted partners at www.scotiacleanpave.co.uk who will assist you and do a more professional job using more professional equipment and who don’t cost the earth.
  5. A way to avoid weeds altogether albeit perhaps not completely is to seal your Driveway or Patio, after the job is complete and dry kiln sand applied there is the optional upgrade to add a sealant to the paving, this will darken the paving slightly and give it more of a “wet look” all year round however it will lock in the sand and give flying roots/seeds/grass less area to take root. for an average sized driveway expect to pay approx £2-300 for this service.

Remember a Driveway done properly shouldn’t have any serious weeds issues however weeds can take root in the most unusual places so it is possible even with the job done properly,  if you are experiencing more than say 2-3% of the area covered in weeds there is a problem underneath and its likely you will either have to weed continuously or get a recognised company in to re-do the whole area again. another reason why its vital to choose an established reputable company to complete these

kind of jobs.

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