My Name Is Daren Henderson and along with my teams will endeavour to install the driveway or landscaping project of your dreams, customers always come first here at The Edinburgh Driveway Company and our reputation is built on trust, its my job to ensure this remains. We are Marshalls and Tobermore Approved contractors.

Please be aware of other similar named companies whom we have been advised are living of the back of our good name by near imitating our name or recently our logo! We are THE EDINBURGH DRIVEWAY COMPANY LTD. We are based at 8 Inglis Green Road, Edinburgh within The Builders Supply Company where we have over 200m2 of Landscaping products in our Landscaped garden open to public.

We have three teams here at The Edinburgh Driveway Company and therefore have the manpower to complete even the largest of operations.

Having been in and around this industry most of my life I know exactly how projects should be completed and our fitters work of this mantra, in this industry unfortunately it isn’t always the case and we have all seen the pitfalls caused by corners being cut with driveways sinking or spreading and landscaping projects turning into a disaster, this isn’t always just foreigners or members of the travelling community but by companies living and working here in Scotland too, there is zero satisfaction from us to go and quote for a job that has only been completed 3 or 4 years ago or worst still as happened recently in Edinburgh 3 months!

My personal email address is should any current or future clients require to contact me. I/we shall never shirk responsibility and will usually always be contactable before during and after installations.

Please feel free to visit our links below, these are testimonials placed here by our satisfied customers and cannot be deleted or amended by our company.

Daren S Henderson