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Installing a new Driveway

Installation of a new Driveway or Patio is a process which should be discussed and planned in much more detail than some seem to think.

A New Driveway or Patio is a vital part of any property and done correctly should be the focal point of any properties exterior and is the first impression visitors or future buyers will have of you and your property and therefore some detail really has to be implemented rather than just installing any run-off-the-mill paving system.

Try to compliment your property with your new Driveway, for example an old cottage type property should probably consist of a tegula paver or a cobble type paver to compliment and keep the aged appearance of a house. A modern property perhaps would benefit more from a more contemporary modern paving stone scubas a Tobermore Shannon block or a Marshalls Elise or Savannah Paver.

Of course a popular block is and perhaps always will be a regular block paving system or Monoblock system, this is also completely fine and one which can still compliment a new property perfectly at times.

When thinking of installing a new driveway a few things need to be considered and are detailed below….

  • How much space do I need for my cars
  • How much garden would I like to keep if any
  • Are there any drainage issues or slopes?
  • Will I require a drop kerb
  • Is planning permission required for new driveway
  • Which block and which colour compliment my property
  • Would I like a contrasting driveway or a driveway which matches the house (this is often personal choice)
  • Edgings? should I have any? should they be plain or decorative or do I need them to retain the neighbouring property/embankment.

These are just a select few of the considerations required when installing a new driveway and sometimes apply to new landscaping projects too, there a lots more to consider but each and every property is usually different and therefore different questions need to be asked, calling us for a rough price or m2 price is possible but any price for your new driveway or landscaping project even via google earth is likely to be very vague as the above questions and many more need to be considered.

How much is a new driveway

Again the above questions make this near impossible to say, a rough guide of £100-£120m2 would probably be the closest answer to that question but it can be a more but can also be less. this figure should avoid any nasty surprises. Any contractor offering prices of £50-£60 per m2 MUST be avoided, this is not a profit making statement it is merely a warning that for this price you cannot expect a driveway installed to British standard and expect this driveway to last in excess of 20+ years. it is simply not possible at this price. the driveway WILL look the same for a few moths but won’t last!


Installing a new Driveway……

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