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It is just over 6 months now since our front driveway was handed over to Daren and his teams to work their magic. I don’t like doing a review too soon after a job is completed as it needs time for things to settle down and the novelty value to pass.

In a nutshell – super job, well done. Also to quotation as well as suggested timespan for the task. Weather was good apart from one bad day, so that helped, but the various teams came and did their bits efficiently and effectively. They were some of the tidiest workmen I have ever had do a job for me. Every evening before they left they made sure everything was neat as well as safe for any passing pedestrians.

The layout was designed by me – a generous driveway for two cars, a level passageway from front pavement to the back of the house for wheelie bins, three small flower beds and a little (artificial) grass. But the main feature that required the most head scratching was the path for disabled users from the pavement to the front door level, whilst at the same time curving round to give a big wide front door step. It was built to precisely the legal requirements in terms of gradient, path width etc. The previous owner of our house had illegally removed the original, somewhat basic path for disabled users, and I wanted to reinstall something better. To our amusement, the first person to use it when everything was completed was the Postman! We have also noticed that many of our (non-disabled) visitors like to use it too!

Peter was in overall control for the whole job and whilst he followed exactly our wishes, if he thought that there was a better way to do something he was not frightened to talk it over. I think one of the key actions to reaching a successful outcome of a task of this size is to discuss at the start of each day what is planned to be done. That way few surprises came along and we knew we could safely leave Peter and his teams each day to get on with things.

Apart from getting the front driveway revamped I also asked Daren and his teams to solve a water problem I had at the side of the house. In extreme weather rain would pour off neighbouring grass/woodland and threaten to swamp the house airbricks. Peter is a ‘very safe pair of hands’ and he knew exactly how to solve the issue and go about installing the necessary field drains and aqua channels.

One major suggestion from both Daren and Peter was that once the job was completed, don’t drive onto the driveway for a couple of weeks (so as to avoid any initial tyre marks) , let things ‘bed in’ then get all the light coloured sandstone Tobermore blocks sealed with Block Paving Sealer ‘Adseal Super Plus’. Superb idea. In effect like painting with water. Two coats were put on. Any tyre marks or the numerous crushed berries dropped by the birds are now not a problem. A few minutes with the garden hose and things look like new. The only downside to the sealant is that is stinks like no tomorrow! It still stunk for about 10 days after drying and then the smell disappeared overnight. That is what normally happens with this stuff. Live with it as it soon passes and is a small price to pay to keep things looking good for the long term.

Over the six months or so since the job was completed we have had a steady stream of passers-by who have stopped to admire the end result. The ‘star of the show’ – to our great surprise – is the path for the disabled and the way it blends in and brings structure to the whole front driveway.

Would I recommend Daren and his teams? Without a doubt. If cheapness is your priority then ‘The Edinburgh Driveway Company’ is perhaps not for you, but if you want a high quality job well done and that will last for a long time then give Daren a call.

14 September 2016

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