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Landscaping Companies in Edinburgh, Fife and Lothians shouldn’t be too hard to find, finding an experienced Landscaping contractor with the relevant skills and expertise (and expertise IS required) isn’t as easy. This industry unfortunately has the bad name it does because of these not so experienced companies thinking they can do a job that our guys have been doing for 20+ years for a company who expects nothing but the best.

As I sat eating my lunch yesterday (Gilmerton road, Edinburgh) I noticed a driveway company(absolutely no names mentioned) digging out what looked like a 80-90m2 driveway BY HAND!! I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the customer, in actual fact I felt sorry for the workers too who were clearly untrained individuals, these guys were digging out practically nothing which therefore means there practically putting nothing back in for a base for a 1-2 ton vehicle to drive and park on every day for the next 25-30 years! in this industry such practices really give all the decent driveway companies in Edinburgh Fife and Lothians a bad name, yes it costs more, yes it takes longer but by putting in a solid foundation you are safeguarding your driveway for years to come, anyway I finished my cheese and ham baguette and disappeared.

Do this properly and you shouldn’t have to do it again for 20+ years, do it not properly and you will be doing your Driveway or Landscaping Project again within 18 months.

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