Driveways in Edinburgh, Lothians, Fife and Scottish Borders


Driveway Construction is a vital part of home improvement, Do it right and your property will be a welcome sight for all visitors (and you) for years and years to come, Why not add a little something different to the driveway with lights or edgings or decorative stones to soften the look.

Many perhaps choose the wrong contractor and within usually 12-18 months things begin to go horribly wrong and the facade of your property is ruined until you finally decide to do it properly. imagine walking out onto a driveway you have spent say 5-10k on every morning and returning every night knowing for you spent all that hard earned cash on yet for 1-2k more you could have a driveway to be proud of.

Spend wisely and do your homework

Driveways Edinburgh, Scottish Borders, Lothians and Fife

We specialise in Driveways in Edinburgh, Fife and Lothians, All our Driveways are done to British Standard and come complete with a comprehensive installation and Product Guarantee. preparation is the key to a long lasting Driveway.

Shannon Monoblock is a more square paver designed to give something different than the more conventional rectangle monoblock, Here the rich colours from tobermore really show and create that eye catching golden border.

Here we have a Tegula Paver used mainly on more traditional properties designed to give the property a more rustic look, this paver is also used on new build homes also.

The Edinburgh Driveway Company are proud top have been the first company in Scotland to lay Marshalls new metro paving, an innovative new 80mm paver in rectangular shape. a quite stunning feature to any property

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