cropped-cropped-cropped-IMG_0004_2-2-1.jpgEstablished in 1981 The Edinburgh Driveway Company are The No.1 Driveway, Paving & Landscaping Specialists in our city, please do not confuse us with some newly advertised companies who try to breed of our reputation, our merits and our values remain intact and will do for many decades. We are proud of our reputation and that is mainly build on trust and our workmanship. We have 4 teams here at The Edinburgh Driveway Company and all our workforce are employed by ourselves. Please visit our landscaped display garden with over 200m2 of Landscaping products at No.8 Inglis Green Road, Edinburgh. All our fitters are legally working here in the Uk and our guarantees are actually worth the paper they are written on. none of our workforce are subcontracted and this is something we are also very proud of.

This business has been passed down throughout the years and is now owned by Daren Henderson who is tirelessly working to change the landscaping industry within this city and beyond forever. Our workmanship is second to none and we employ only the very best fitting teams from all over Scotland. We do not subcontract any of our teams so should any problem arise your problem is with us. The Edinburgh Driveway Company.

We are currently operating with 4 teams which allows us great scope to carry out vast landscaping projects and large commercial operations also, With manpower of approximately 12-14 men means should something go wrong our after sales department have the ability to rectify any repairs in a short space of time and a member of our team will be despatched almost immediately. in this industry which unfortunatley has such a tarnished reputation it is vital to have these assurances after parting company with thousands of pounds.


We are 100% committed to providing a quality service to new and existing customers. Your job will be project managed mainly by Daren whilst Derek, John, Gary or Chris and the boys use over 20 years experience to create the Driveway/Landscaping project of your dreams. A shiny new driveway can really impact the overall look of a property and whilst enhancing the value also and a new landscaped garden can really change peoples life and again add huge value to a property.

At this company we do things properly, no corners cut and never an unhappy customer, it really is that simple. there is no reason why your driveway/garden should not last in excess of 20 years if correct procedures are adhered to and any faults corrected within a period of time. our Driveways, Paving and Landscaping projects in Edinburgh and beyond are ALL built to last. Mistakes can and will happen but its our ability and our manpower we have at our disposal to FIX ALL PROBLEMS within a suitable period of time that give us the reputation that we have.

We look forward to working with you in the years ahead.