cropped-cropped-cropped-IMG_0004_2-2-1.jpgThe Edinburgh Driveway Company has been running since 1980 yet amazingly without any real marketing or pro-active seeking of business. Our father kept this company going for nearly 30 years and on retirement the two sons began to service current customers and take on recommend jobs (our fathers bread and butter and only real customer base) The two brothers have been on the job really ever since and picked up several attributes passed down from the master craftsman! Whilst Dad enjoys his semi retirement the business must go on, we have since re-energised the company, part of that you are looking at now and in moving with the times we must use the internet or “INTRANET” as our father calls it as part of our marketing strategy. Slowly but surely we have raised the bar even further and are now proud to call ourselves the Leading Driveway, PavingĀ and Landscaping Specialists in the East of Scotland if not beyond.

We are 100% committed to providing a quality service to new and existing customers. Your job will be project managed mainly by Daren whilst Derek, John, Raymond and the boys use over 20 years experience to create the Driveway/Landscaped Garden of your dreams, Initially we will visit your property, you don’t even have to be at home for us to do this providing we can access where we need to on the drive/patio. With our new sophisticated Driveway Visualiser we can take a picture of your current driveway and redeveloped via 3D software and email you a picture of how your new driveway will look.

At this company we do things properly, no corners cut and never an unhappy customer, it really is that simple. there is no reason why your driveway should not last in excess of 20 years if correct procedures are adhered to and any faults corrected within a period of time. our Driveways, Paving and Landscaping projects in Edinburgh and beyond are ALL built to last. Mistakes can and will happen but its ability and our manpower we have at our disposal to FIX ALL PROBLEMS within a suitable period of time that give us the reputation that we have.